Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pictures in posts

OK, I know that my post about my house was the fountain of bad. I can't make the pictures do what I want in Blogger. I see posts where the text is above/below the picture, but mine keeps going around it too. Makes my picture posts look bad. I was making a post showing a crafting quest, but it looks too bad to be usable for anything. Any pointers from an expert would help!!


  1. You want captions? Or the words to not go around the pictures?

    For captions click on the photo while in post, left click. It should pop up with size options, caption, center, left or right positions. That will help with positioning the pictures. The captions, it took me awhile to find out about them when I first started, lol.

    Now for the words running into pictures it looks like you just need some spacing like in paragraphs, but you want a larger space so the pictures won't run into the words. So instead of hitting enter once between paragraphs try hitting it twice, you can always preview your post to see if that was enough or if you need to space it some more.

    I hope that helps, that is what looks like the problem is to me. I've been with blogger for almost three years now, took me awhile but it is cake once you get the hang of it.

  2. Well, I was writing in the HTML side, didn't see the compose tab at the top. Slid to that, and we're cooking with bacon grease. TY Kaozz!!

  3. Oh yeah, the HTML part is a bit more complicated and harder to see what you're doing than the other part, hehe. The new post with pics looks great!