Sunday, June 24, 2012

Life's little hiccups.

So, family left the area this morning. I was up late last night watching UFC, and the wife woke up with the kids so I slept in till 9(!!). Walk downstairs. Coffee. Smoke. GAMETIME!!!! Load up the game, start hitting up the rewards guy for my boxes of bank filling. Two year old comes over. "up". Lift into lap. Shift toons. More boxes. Two year old uses keyboard as a slide to leave lap. Screen blank. RESTART!! Coffee refill while restarting. Smoke. Launch vanguard. Crash before character screen. Launch vanguard. Crash before character screen. Commence troubleshooting. Cry.

Ok, this is annoying. Run as admin, nothing. Check files, they're ok. Uninstall reinstall, still crashing. Completely delete and redownload(which takes all day with my crap Internet), still broken.

I'm going to bed, I have work in7 hours, hopefully I think of something, cause I'm currently stumped.

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