Monday, June 11, 2012

I has main?

I think it might of happened. I might of picked a class to level. I'm not promising anything, but it is definatly possible. The winner is....... Disciple!! Good damage(so far). Great survivability(so far). Awesome Kung fu. What's not to love?

Got him to level 20 last night, so now comes the hard part, but so far I can solo pretty much everything I want, up to and including 4 dot mobs/quests. We'll see as we go.

I plan on doing pictures here, but I'll be damned if I can find my screenshot folder on my pc. Searching online says it should be in my Vanguard/screenshot folder, but that doesn't exist for me. I might try to take some with my iPhone and do it that way, but seems a bit bootleg for my tastes. If you posses the knowledge I need to make this work, please hook me up.


  1. Disc, you really can't beat the class, I love mine, such a powerhouse class.

    Yeah, I had that problem also with SOE games and files not shoing where they should be. Try this: Right click your vanguard launcher icon and then click 'open file location', see if that works. The screenshots are in the VG folder but if you had the old launcher in there with all the other SOE games sometimes it points to the wrong location. Hope you find them!

  2. You are such an amazing, wonderful person. Has been really bugging me that I couldn't find them. Never would of thought about having two saved locations for Vanguard. Now we can start up the better quality posts!!

  3. Hehe, glad I could be of some help! I had the same exact problem, it happens with EQ, EQ2 and VG for me. I've had to reinstall all three though, due to the new game launchers, so that could be why.