Monday, June 25, 2012

A game affair

Well, I can only mess with computers for so long before I start getting frustrated, so limiting my troubleshooting to a small, undefined amount each day. That opens a noticeable chunk of my day that should involve some type of activity. Normally I'd start a woodworking project, but I'm moving soon, so don't want to mess up the garage I just cleaned. NEW MMO!!!!!!!

Yesterday I played some WOW, but I'm still not feeling playing that atm(does it seem like the more popular the game, the worse the people you meet in it?). Looked at aion, and while trying to figure out what my login name was when I played it, I rediscovered my ncsoft login for City of Heroes.

I remember trying a couple if hero games awhile back, one had fairly poor combat mechanics and I stopped playing during the intro, the other was decent. No clue which is which.

City of Heroes was the one with poo combat. BUT, after downloading it, figured I might as well give it another go. I am currently pleasantly surprised. You get used to the combat, feels poor cause all abilities have a cool down, so there are gaps in button smashing, and it auto targets poorly, but is manageable with time. The quests are very super heroy feeling, there are random people that need saving(no reward, but the npcs thank you). Plus there are bits of humor thrown throughout.

So far, seems like the best bet for F2P I've seen in a bit. We'll see how long it's interesting.


  1. What's going on with the PC problems? If you want to shoot me an email I can try to help out. kaozz at ectmmo.

    What server do you play WoW on? I'm on Silvermoon. Playing more lately, enjoying it with tradeskills and fun stuff.

    I could never get into CoH, tried it but just wasn't for me. Was years ago though. I like Champions a good bit, it isn't perfect but it was good fun. Lots of fixes since release which was a bit...blah. Anyhow, hope you enjoy CoH it does have some really great costumes and classes!

  2. Can't get VG to load(last post). Going to download the other superhero game today, judge them against each other. I have toons on multiple wow servers, Dragonmaw, Eldre'thalris(so), Icecrown, and skywall being the most of the bunch. Lost of friends on different servers, and me likey playing with ppl.

  3. Have you tried to run a file check? Are you using the new launcher or the station launcher, my station launcher finally broke and I had to download the new one for each game separately, annoying stuff there, lol.

    Yeah, I've had friends move around a few servers, got tired of trying others out and pretty much stick to Silvermoon.

    1. Yup. New launcher. File check fine. Tonight might try to uninstall, delete, then hunt around and look hard fit any other VG files and delete them too, then redownload