Thursday, June 28, 2012

City of Heroes vs Champions Online

Well, I've played them both, again. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Both look like the could be fun. Let's see how they stack up.

Both let you run fast/jump high/fly/teleport. CO you pick one after you finish the introduction. You don't get any groovy graphics if you don't pay, but you get them all. Their movement powers are tiered, so once you are out of combat, you are slow. X time later you speed up, Y time after that you speed again. The time is not long, ten seconds or so, so not a big deal. The problem is, the speeds aren't all that fast compared to CoH. In wow terms, it feels like BC style regular flight, just not super fast.

CoH you get fast speed/jump and flight at lvl one(cannot fly till out of starter area). The baseline ones aren't that fast. But around lvl four, when you are picking a new power, you can choose an amazingly upgraded travel power instead of a new ability. Min/max might not agree with sound that, but since when did superheroes care about min/maxing(looking at you, Jubilee).

I won't say one is better then the other, they are too different. CO has resource building and resource consuming abilities. Some abilities can be charged up, doing more damage but consuming more time/resources.

CoH has a resource, but I have yet to run out of it. CoH's big thing is ALL abilities have a CD. When you first start playing the game, this is horrible. You only start with on primary, one secondary, and two abilities that basically deal no damage. Now that I'm level 10, I have enough abilities to not use the crappy ones, but still not have any gaps in my gameplay.

I'm going to only talk about looks here, abilities will be in a different section. Both games have the same basic options, you pick the gear(looks only), colors and all. The look you pick is what your toon will look like for it's career. Gear doesn't change the look, so no stupid early expansion clown looks. You're character ALWAYS looks like you wanted it to. The difference between the two is they CoH has WAY more options.

CO looks like a comic strip, including "Frap" in a jagged bubble over baddies names. CoH looks normal. I prefer normal.

Not going into depth here. CO-you pick your class, travel power. The end. Everything else is automatic. CoH is completely customizable. Granted, that means if you care about min/max there are wrong ways to do this that will completely make you toon gimp(I'm assuming, haven't looked it up) but we don't care about min/maxing, because we're freaking superheroes.

So, I think it's fairly obvious which game I support. I gave them 15 bucks for a month of VIP, so I could try out most of the classes. More to follow.

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