Thursday, May 3, 2012

Is a character with no story a character??

So I've been back in vanguard for a few days now. Basically everyday I decide that a new toon is the one I should play. Every toon I get on requires a browse through the abilities in an attempt to try to figure out its workings. Every toon is in the middle of the journey in its life, but I have no clue what the start of the journey was. I'm finding it difficult to play any of my characters because they have no soul to me. The game is still amazing, the problem is my perception of my toons. So, I've decided to start fresh.
I'm not a role-player, at least not one that will go to the in game bar in costume to interact with others. However, each of my toons change the way I play the game. Decisions you make early in a game affect how I play that character later in the game. They develop a life of their own as they grow and learn the world. Without that self developed back story, all of my characters feel like they have the depth of an on rails single player game, so cannot hold my attention for longer then a few hours.
In order to be less of a tourist, I've rolled a brand new goblin shaman. I'm probably going to go wolf spec with him, but we'll see as he grows. I'm not going to use my fleet of crafters to gear him as he goes, and I'm damn sure not going to the isle of dawn. That place is a soulless pit of bad adventuring for good equipment. Not nearly as amazing as the starter quests. Well, fuck gear. I loved this game because of how amazing THE GAME was, not because of how amazing my gear was. You will see me in kojan, leveling in underpowered old school starting gear.

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