Friday, May 4, 2012

Delat, the legend continues

So my new shaman is level 10. Going to have to take a break from leveling to power up my harvesting a bit. I see T2 resources but am unable to capitalize on them due to not finding the trainer till late. Most of my previous toons I leveled in the dark elf area, so it's been interesting to try to find npcs and harvesting nodes and other things that plague your first play through in a new area. I am still loving the epic scope the original quest have, even with the lackluster gear rewards. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to craft on this character, but we'll see as we go. I love vanguards crafting system, so it will probably happen at some point.

I still have yet to see anyone else in the world on this toon, but I'm guessing that it's mostly because everyone goes to IoD to start, so they should start showing up in the next couple of levels. Looking forward to possibly grouping up to inflict my horrible utilization of the defensive target system to heal the wrong person in a group setting. I love the idea of offensive and defensive targets, but I have died a bunch due to having some random person targeted instead of myself. No better way to improve its usage then healing a group!

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