Friday, July 13, 2012

Where are they now: more posts

Yup. Not dead. I'm moving from the Chicago area to the Seattle area in less then a month, so done game hopping for a bit. Canceled everything but Wow(still in my year agreement), and noticed the Recruit a Friend price. 30 bucks. Hmm.

I got the year pass because one of my friends was in Afghanistan, but has enough Internet to do minor things in wow, farming and the like. Well, why make both of us stop playing to use Skype when we can just talk in wow. 15 a month is nothing to talk to my people, so not even a question of whether I'd stay subbed. I mean, this is the guy that I've gamed with since 2003, any game one of us played, the other had to play also. Over the last couple of years, we haven't been on the same server(in wow) due to one or both of us not having Internet, but now that we can, I decided to roll a toon on his server. RaF to the rescue.

I did some research, figured out how to dualbox, and have been having a blast leveling up yet more toons. Current favorite is double spriest, but gonna try out double warlock next. Nice to have fun in wow again.

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