Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Enough Already

     So not much to talk about in my day to day gaming atm, I've been in one of my "game nonstop for a couple hours followed by no gaming for a day" moods recently, plus the end of a good book series/children being cute, so not much to talk about.  I have been concentrating mostly on CoH since VG told me to eat it, and some sort of post is upcoming for that.  What I want to talk about today is the things that I'm done seeing in my games.  Just a growing list of the things that I would love to see go away and never return. 

      VENDOR TRASH- It's really time for this to go.  How much time does one really spend enjoying how awesome this crap that was designed just to give you something to sell for minimal cash?  I'm sick and tired of playing the inventory management game.  Just have things I kill drop cash, or if immersion is a factor, increase quest rewards of quests that require me to kill non humanoids.  How many games don't have something awesome that you want in the game(housing, etc) because of the developers time it takes to implement, yet they have a metric butt ton of different, flavorful vendor trash that had to be programed in. 

    DAILY COOLDOWNS-I have alot of things going on during the week, while I still game, I can't join groups/do things that require my full attention because of RL stuff.  Why do we have daily quests/dungeons(name it what you want, you know what I mean).  Make it repeatable 7 times a week.  Look at that, takes the same amount of time to accomplish, yet YOU get to choose when to do it, instead of having to pound out one a day.  How amazing.

   PVP STATS-A game comes out, you don't start it right at launch, or you dick off and make a thousand alts before you figure out what you want to be, or whatever.  Regardless, you find yourself finally at max level and ready to start trying out the PVP of the game.  Guess what, you are not powerful enough  to kill most people, and too weak to live against their attacks, because they have the magical PVP stat that you lack.  I know why this exists, it's to keep PVP gear being better then PVE gear for fighting players.  But it turns PVP into less a skill based game, and more another gear grind, until you are as geared as the rest, then the skill comes back into it.  I do not have a good way to fix this, but it is time for it to go. 

   ADVENTURE OR GTFO-I can't really be a serious raider because of my job, so my options in most games is to raid with people, then stop playing for a couple of months(because of work), then have them catch me up to where they are/find a new group to raid with.  Why can't you make things other then adventuring equal citizens?  You thing of games like Ultima/Star Wars Galaxies/Vanguard
where you can enjoy being a crafter, and you were worth having around in a guild.  I know I can join a guild as a social member, and maybe go out and slay internet dragons with them, but I like feeling like I'm there helping them, whether or not I'm in the room.  Think of all the games you've ever played, think of any cool side games that you've seen, why are they not in MMO's also.  I know I'm a bit of a Vanguard fanboy, but the reason I am is because of this.  You can be a crafter, or a diplomat, or an adventurer, or a combination of the three, and you are NEVER penalized for it.  AND, you can help people.  A serious raid team needs to know some good diplomats, in case the right zone buffs aren't up.  You need a crafter to turn those raid dropped mats into amazing gear.  So amazing. 

   CRAFTING SELFISHLY-I love to craft.  I love making my characters all their gear.  I love having other people giving you their crafting mats so you can level it faster.  It's a group effort that got you to X level, and now everyone enjoys the extra bag space from your new, bigger bags.  However, once you get crafting to max level, it mostly exists to give you some sort of a bonus, making it required to level.  I'm sick of finding out my bad ass recipes are BoP, or, that there are no bad ass recipes, but it gives me +5% awesomesauce passively.  What happened to the days that you knew who the few crafters were, and made sure to stay in their good graces so that you could get them to do the awesome things you needed them for. 

   Alright, that's enough for this post, I have more, so this will be a multi-part post.  But seriously, why are these things still around.  Would anyone really not play a game if these things weren't around?  Am I strange for really hating when this comes up?

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