Friday, January 18, 2013

It has begun

So I've started up a couple of combo's in Vanguard, and am slowly figuring this Vanguard Multiboxing thing out.  I did a 4 sorcerers team up to level ten, the problem with it was if I didn't kill a mob in one or two hits, the toon I was taking damage in was a cloth wearing glass cannon.  I was starting up a team of 6 necro's when General chat informed me that the most recent patch unlocked all races and all classes for F2P accounts.  Bam! Time to do this up kick ass style.  Started a new group this morning that consists of Warrior, Bard, Sorcerer, Druid, Blood Mage and Shaman.  I'm considering whether I want/need 2 1/2 healers on my team, but I like how this looks at the moment.  This will be my first attempt at boxing melee toons, but a Bard is such a force multiplier that this should be a no brainer.  If they haven't patched it, I know Warrior was the crappiest tank, but I already have a Paladin at level 48 and a Dread Knight at level 20 with level 50 armorsmithing.  I will probably exchange the Warrior for the DK when the group gets level 20.  Even not getting a toon past level 10 yet, I am having an absolute blast again, I just wish the day had more hours in it, as I only play very early in the morning, and late at night when the kids are in bed.  Hopefully sometime soon the wife will join me in gaming again, but in order for that to happen I'm probably going to have to build her a computer desk, since her old one didn't make the trip across the country.  Always another project....

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