Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Game of Flop and Twitch

          So I admit it, I'm an ADD gamer.  I get rolling on something and some shiny comes along and makes me shift gears,  Guess even writing about things can't keep me from bouncing like a meth head from one place to another.  Rolling fine in Vanguard, and my long time gaming buddy calls me up wanting to start gaming again.  We look around for a game we can both get into that we haven't played together, and settle on Guild Wars 2.  I've never played it (came out during my move to Washington) and while he has a max level toon, he's not really tried out anything other then leveling it up.  So I buy the game so we can stop our other activities once a week and game together, just like the old days.  Well, when we were playing, I was totally nubbing everything up, and all the starter shit is old hat to him, but we make good progress.  The next day, my altitus starts itching.  So now there's nothing to do but try out all the classes and see which is for me.  Unfortunately, my gametime is limited due to family time, so me trying out multiple toons means that the only game I'm playing is GW2. 

          Adding insult to injury, I finally convinced the wife to go back to gaming when the kids go to bed, but man did she throw down the gauntlet.  She wants a toony, WOW like game that is F2P.  She wants NOTHING to do with Vanguard (a result of me overplaying it at launch) and has no interest in min/max, difficulty, anything.  She has only ever played WOW, and really enjoyed it until she had to stop playing for college finals, and never let herself play it again.  Fear of gaming too much led her to not game at all.  She's gotten on most of my accounts when I'm at work and tooled around a bit, but really missed gaming with me and my online friends.  Ironically, one of her favorite gaming memories is when she was being camped in Hellfire Peninsula.  I was running heroics with a buddy (one of those people that make MMO's great.  Some random dude in a random guild that ended up being a friend for life, but only online.  My big regret when I moved across the country is that I didn't have time to stop by his town and hang out.)  Anyways, when Rizette got killed for the third or fourth time in a row by some max level toon, she asked for help.  Instantly 151(the buddy) and I dropped what we were doing and headed out.  For the next couple of hours we killed the ganker while my wife quested and harvested happily.  She just loved the fact that we dropped everything to come over and beat up her bully, she still giggles when she talks about it. 

Wow, that wasnt' supposed to become such a tangent.  Moving on.

          Well, I looked around, and seems like Runes of Magic will fit the bill for a game for wife time.  I have to build her a desk for her laptop, she refuses to game on her lap, so that won't start up till next week/weekend, but the family gaming times should be starting up again soon!


  1. I was into RoM for a bit but the quests sort of thinned out. Then I read about catching up the other two sub classes you train which level separately, through daily quests or you will run out of main story quests (at the time I was playing, could have changed). Then I got a bit overwhelmed with all that ahead of me, forgot my password one day and not been back since, still can't get it through support :(

    The game is very neat though, besides a bit of a grind for subclasses. I love the guild halls, they are very awesome, beautiful instances. Mounts are cool too, plus there is the housing. Very nifty holiday quests as well. If you guys are looking into it long term you should pick up the starter kit box from walmart, has a cool mount, house and some other nifty stuff for around ten bucks or so.

  2. Well, I was trying to push her towards paying some cash and playing Rift, cause I figured the Bard with the pet from Ranger(? I think, it's been awhile, but one of the rogue classes is a ranged pet class) would be fun, not frustrating, and fairly indestructable for her. Well, work in progress, but its looking like my pushing her to play a game with a sub is making her want WoW. Guess we'll see. Will be a bit, looked up some plans to build her the desk she wants, and was a bit too complex/money intensive to build myself, so now having to find one used that I can refinish for cheap, so it's the waiting game.

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