Friday, June 15, 2012

Novice Artificer Quests

Ok, I was a big time crafter when Vanguard first launched, I have more crafting levels then adventuring levels, but it's been awhile. I'm going to be posting about the big time quests, just so I have a reference that I know is up to date if/when I want to do this again, plus a reference that makes sense for if anyone else asks me the same questions. Today I'm doing the Qalia Novice quests, for Artificer. This quest starts in Ahgrim, starting with Sajin Callash. Easily found by asking a guard for directions to the artificer trainer.

Ok, Saj will give you some temp. recipes to craft, and make you go all over Qalia to learn the secretsssessss from the masters. First is Serin Talah, in Hathor Zi. Take the rift to Hathor Zi, run down to the crafting area, shouldn't be that hard. Talk and bingo, ready to go

Next up, head to Khal. I recomend getting a wyvern right by Hathor Zi rift, cause you will have to cross the water to talk to the Khal person, Shaliz Talhani.

Then, back to the rift, head to Qa Riverbank, and you'll be (hopefully) flying to Mekalia(you did get that wyvern for 25 copper, right?) Fly to Mekalia, ask for the Artificer trainer directions, and Silaskun Lojay should be nearby.

Now, double check you have the weakened timber you need, and head back to Ahgrim. You will need 6 weakened timbers to make the items for the quest.

  Remember, when making items for this quest, choose the basic style.

Turn in the quests, and you can get your basic qalia recipes!

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